Choosing Between an Area Rug and Wall to Wall Carpet

98079402 - woman holding carpet  before buying to her new house interiorAt Carpet Closeouts, one of the main issues that comes up time and time again with customers is this: should we buy area rugs or do wall-to-wall carpeting in our rooms?

Area Rugs Versus Full Carpets

First, let us define the options. Area rugs are floor coverings made of woven materials and they only take up so much room as to not go wall-to-wall. Area rugs are not attached to the floor; they can be moved rather easily if needed. Wall-to-wall carpet, on the other hand, is installed wall-to-wall, attached to the floor using glue, tacking strips and/or staples.

Pros and Cons of Area Rugs

What are some pros and cons of area rugs? Since air can flow underneath their fibers, mold and mildew growth is deterred. Area rugs can be washed and dried when they get dirty. Using them helps define a space– and they can be changed to suit the color scheme and style of a room over the years. Depending on where they’re placed, area rugs can help bring together furnishings and/or give a room better “structure.” Oh, and if you deal with allergies, area rugs can be cleaned easier than wall-to-wall carpets, so that’s a bonus. As for cons of area rugs, they don’t offer a unified look for a room, they have edges people can trip and fall over, and they leave cold flooring exposed, which may annoy those who like to walk around barefoot.

Pros and Cons of Wall to Wall Carpeting

How about wall-to-wall carpeting? This is what people who want a warm and cozy feeling in their home typically choose to cover their floors. It’s generally slip and trip resistant, which especially benefits the elderly. It helps to create unity throughout a room with respect to its color scheme and design. And it’s typically found in neutral colors, so it goes well with all sorts of furniture and artwork. Oh, and since it covers the entire floor, it’s great (and warm) to walk on barefoot. As for cons of wall-to-wall carpeting, there are some: potentially costly and a pain to clean; gets worn in certain spots of high-traffic so it looks awkward in spots over time; lets off gases into the air; can get moldy and/or bother people who have allergies to dust and dust mites; and wall-to-wall carpeting can damage the wooden floor underneath thanks to glue and such.

When you’re thinking of area rugs versus wall-to-wall carpeting for your place, don’t hesitate to ask for advice in-person at Carpet Closeouts. Our staff is here to help you make smart buying decisions!