Benefits to Carpeted Stair Runners

If you have a staircase inside of your home, you should consider installing a carpet runner over the staircase. A carpet runner can offer a staircase plenty of benefits.

Spruce Up Your Style

A carpet runner can provide your home with a casual touch or an elegant touch, depending on what type of runner you choose. Carpet runners come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, leaving you with plenty of options. Your carpet runner can be a reflection of your personality and can serve as a focal point in your home.  You can choose a bold color or a printed pattern and it can be easily removed if you ever decide against it.

Protect Your Staircase

If you use your staircase daily, which most people that have one do, carpet runners will help protect your staircase. Having a carpet runner on your staircase will prevent your staircase from getting scuffed or scratched. The physical structure of the staircase will last longer with a carpet runner over it. They can also protect your staircase against furniture or other things you might move within your home.

Coziness Factor

Carpet runners provide your staircase with a cushion, making them more comfortable to walk up and down.  When temperatures get cool, carpets trap the heat in the house and can be much warmer under your feet as well. Carpets runners will provide your home with a warmer look overall.

Put Safety First

There is no denying that carpet runners are safer than a bare wood staircase. Carpet runners prevent people from slipping and falling, especially younger children or older adults. A carpet runner will provide your family members with better footing when maneuvering g your staircase. If someone did fall down your staircase, they are safer falling down carpet than they are just natural hard wood.

Reduce Sound

Staircases, especially old wooden ones, usually result in a lot of noise when they are being used. Most staircases are creaky and can be heard throughout the house when they are being used. A carper runner can help you eliminate some of the noise. Carpet runners muffle noise and can keep them to a minimum.

These are all of the advantages to adding a carpet runner to your staircase. If you are interested in adding carpet into your home, visit Carpet Closeouts.