3 Great Places to Add an Area Rug

Area rugs are a great option for adding comfort and style to your home. While they go great in nearly every room, there are a few spaces where they can really stand out.

When you’re considering adding one of these rugs inside of your home, consider these popular areas to show your family your unique style and design preferences. 

As the centerpiece of a living room

A great space to add an area rug is in the living room. Depending on the size of the rug, it can be placed under a coffee table and extend to the front legs of the couch.

When placing the rug, you want to make sure it is in a central location to have the room appear balanced. Putting it in the center of a living area can also create a space for children and pets to relax.

Under a dining room table Area Rug In Dining Room

Another space to consider for an area rug is underneath a dining room table. This will allow you to add a little flare and design creativity to your dining room space by allowing you to place a uniquely patterned rug.

Make sure to get a rug that is big enough to fit chairs when they are both pulled in and pulled out, to avoid the dreaded wobbling chair. Another tip is to select a rug that has a flatter design to make the cleanup of any crumbs or food a breeze.

In the front of a bed

Looking to add a little style to your bedroom? An area rug placed in front of a bed is a great way to tie the room together. If you have hardwood in your bedroom, an area rug will give it a cozier feel and can also be a space for your children to play with their toys.

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