Shaw Floors Caress

Caress: A luxurious line of flooring

Bring an enthralling landscape of color and comforting softness into your home with Caress Carpet by Shaw for sale in Phoenix at AZ Carpet Closeouts. Caress carpet is inspired by the naturally compelling colors and textures found in the untouched corners of the world and designed to restore each space to the comforting, elegant simplicity of natural environments.

Complete the décor of your dream home and match the colors and shades that make you feel relaxed and invited. More than 50 shades present a panoramic selection to fit any style and anchor the room with the rich, lush backgrounds of stunning landscapes. Caress carpet offers an extension of the fine, plush elements that make up a home’s classic, welcoming decorum and uses the same natural materials prized in the wild and transforms them into a luxurious mainstay of your home.

Find Caress Carpet by Shaw for sale in Phoenix at AZ Carpet Closeouts for your new home or refurbishment and enjoy soft, durable comforts for years of extended use.

The colors are inspired by nature