Ways to Maintain Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is popular because it mimics the look of wood, stone or other materials yet it’s a synthetic product known for being quite durable, hygienic and easy to maintain.

In order to maintain laminate flooring, it’s best to keep it dry and free from dust and dirt. If someone spills water on it, wipe the puddle up quickly with a paper towel. When needed, use a dry mop or sponge mop to clean the floor with water or store-bought laminate floor cleaner. Some people make their own homemade cleaner consisting of equal parts water and vinegar– that’s fine for laminate floors. Others add rubbing alcohol to the mix of vinegar and water, all in equal parts, and that’ll work, too. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use products labelled for cleaning linoleum, tile or hardwood, since those are not laminate floors and therefore require different cleaning solutions.

If you have a vacuum with a soft bristled brush attachment, that can be used to clean up messes on laminate floors.

When moving furniture over laminate, use adhesive felt pads on the bottoms of chairs, table legs, etc., so as not to scratch the floor.

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