Five Signs Your Carpet is a Goner [Video] [GIFS]


So, you love your carpet; it’s beautiful, it goes well with your decor. Maybe it’s sentimental, or maybe it “just really ties your room together“.


And maybe your friends even agree with you…


Or maybe they don’t and they suggest you replace your carpet…

We get it, it’s hard to part with a carpet that you love. It’s also hard to accept and welcome change, so it makes sense why some procrastinate on this project.

However, sometimes, you just have to give up and let it go.

A new carpet can dramatically improve the mood of the room, as well as your health, so it’s important to know when it’s time to move on, and find a new carpet. Read the list below; you’ll find a few signs that it’s time to change your carpet.


1.    The age in itself is important. When it comes to carpeting, age is far more than just a number. Even with proper car and cleaning, dirt and dust take their toll on a carpet after time. If your carpet is more than seven years old, or if you’ve been in a home for about five years with the previous owner’s carpet, then it’s time to change it no matter what. It can host a wide array of germs and allergens, getting worse as it ages

2.    Uneven areas, like flattened surfaces versus loose areas near corners and hallways.

3.    Stains, obviously, but even great carpets can hold a stain if they’re older. Unless you currently own a SmartStrand carpet and an amazing wet-vac, you’re probably hiding a stain or four. It’s okay, these things happen; and it’s not so bad when it’s just one small stain, but over time they can grow. Take a look at your carpet and count the spots where you can remember spilling coffee, or puppy bathroom accidents happening. Even if they’re faint, they’re still there, and they can grow; it’s time to get yourself a strong, stain-resistant carpet.

4.    Like stains, discolored areas can diminish the aesthetics in a room, killing the mood. Sunlight can dim once-bright colors, so pay close attention to areas near the window.

5.    It feels like walking on tile. Honestly, a soft, plush carpet is part of the luxury of coming home; it’s like the heart of your abode, welcoming you home after a long day. If your carpet is starting to feel limp and bland, that’s a big sign that its life is long-gone.




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