Seven Popular Carpet Myths


Carpeting is a wonderful flooring solution for many reasons. Carpets are soft and cozy; they insulate heat and serve as a noise barrier for squeaky floors.


Carpet has been a trustworthy flooring solution for decades now, but there are those out there that tend to believe falsehoods about carpet. Below are a few of them. Don’t be misguided about carpet, read seven truths behind seven myths below!


Myth 1.


People with asthma and allergies should steer clear of carpet. EPA studies have shown that carpet fibers actually trap allergy particles in the rug and prevent them from circulating in the air a person breathes.


Myth 2.


Carpet stains and wears too easily. Carpet is not difficult to maintain. Generally, a carpet should be cleaned with hot water extraction every 12-18 months but frequent vacuuming will keep fibers clean and looking great.


Myth 3.


Carpet is outdated. This is simply false as there are many, many new beautiful types and styles of carpet to choose from that fit every budget.


Myth 4.


Carpet is made with formaldehyde. Since 1978, no carpet has been manufactured with formaldehyde. Carpet is environmentally friendly.


Myth 5.


Mold can easily grow on carpet. If you have a flood and don’t do anything to soak up the water, then yes you’ll get mold. If you have no moisture problems, then mold won’t be an issue.


Myth 6.


Thicker carpet is best. If you want a durable and wear-resistant carpet, a thinner carpet is the way to go. Plusher, thicker carpets can hold in dust and dirt and also fibers can tear more easily.


Myth 7.


If I have a warranty, my carpet is better. This is not true because not all warranties cover carpet maintenance. Without reading the fine lines, warranties can cause you much unnecessary headaches.


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