Reasons to Select Stone Tiles

Stone Tile Flooring With a name like Carpet Closeouts you’d just expect carpets, right? But Carpet Closeouts sells more than just carpets, and stone tiles are just one of the “other” products available at the store.

For some rooms it just makes sense to put a carpet down. For others, stone tiles work well. Carpet Closeouts has a nice variety of gorgeous-yet-affordable tile and stone flooring options.

Stones are environmentally-friendly; after all, they’re natural. While the idea of stones underfoot might make you think of a cold castle from a long, long time ago, stone tiles are the 21st Century’s flooring material of choice for adding warmth and elegance to a home.

Did you know underfloor heating systems can be used to add actual warmth to stone tiles these days? Stone tiles are durable, sustainable, and practical. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and they don’t go out of style.

Since demand has increased for stone tiles in recent times, the old argument that they’re expensive doesn’t hold true anymore.

Stone tiles come in colors like grey and tan, so they’ll “go” with pretty much any wall or furniture color you have. The stone look is considered a high-quality look that tells visitors you care about your flooring and were willing to go above-and-beyond the traditional route of just carpeting the whole house. Should you want to, you’re always welcome to add small area rugs on top of stone tile where applicable.

Definitely browse Carpet Closeouts’ stone tile available for sale, and if you’re in Phoenix, stop by the store to check samples out in person. You’re welcome to call 602-493-7700 with any questions you might have about stone tiles available from Carpet Closeouts.