Matching Your New Carpet to Your Walls & Furniture


Since a SmartStrand carpet is essentially irreplaceable, you’ll want to consider the color you choose carefully. How will it look with your walls, and what furniture should you buy?


Eclectic, contemporary, and rustic decorating schemes all call for coordinating elements. It doesn’t always mean they have to be the same color, it just means that you have to go with complementary colors and similar textures.


Chances are, you’re probably leaving the walls as they are, especially if the carpet is the only new addition to the room .So, the best way to make your room pop is to match your carpet to your walls, and then your furniture to your carpet.


You’ll need a color wheel and some carpet samples. Use the color wheel to determine where your wall’s hue lands, colors across from it are the colors which will complement the walls. For example, if a bedroom has purple walls, then go with a soft-yellow carpet. If your walls are neutral, like beige or white, you have a bit more freedom with color selection.


Consider your furniture too though; the carpet should match everything. If you have bright furniture, then a brown or black carpet might not work well with it.


Another thing you can do is head over to websites like Pinterest and Houzz, for inspiration.




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