Is Laminate Wood Flooring Right for Your Home?

Laminate flooring has come a long way, and in recent years it’s emerged as a very popular alternative to traditional hardwood floors. This flooring material is made to look and feel like real wood, but is actually comprised of materials like resin and fiberboard.

So what separates laminate floors from their hardwood predecessors?

True hardwood is typically much more expensive than laminate flooring, since it needs to be cut and treated in individual planks. Hardwood will typically cost between 8 and 15 dollars per square foot, and sometimes even more than that, whereas laminate flooring will usually run you about 3 to 11 dollars per square foot. This substantial cost savings is why many homeowners choose laminate over wood. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll need to sacrifice look, durability or style.

In fact, even if you can afford the cost of the true hardwood, plenty of people opt for laminate instead. Here’s why.  

Laminate flooring is much less susceptible to many issues that can plague hardwood. For example, hardwood flooring tends to show scratches, and can easily be damaged by water in areas prone moisture buildup. Laminate is extremely durable, and will resist scratches and everyday wear more gracefully than hardwood.

Plus, when it comes to installation, hardwood may need to acclimate to your home’s climate for 3 to 6 weeks before you can walk on it. This gives the wood a chance to expand and settle in. Laminate can be installed in a few short days, and once it’s in, you’re ready to go.

Hardwood can also be a little trickier to clean. You’ll have to make sure to use the right products to ensure that it stays looking its best. Laminate, on the other hand, can be effectively cleaned with a gentle solution of detergent and water.

Laminate is budget friendly, very durable, and can look every bit as good as hardwood. If you’re interested in updating your home with new laminate flooring, get a quote online, or contact us today to learn more!