Don’t Make These Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Keeping your carpet clean can seem like an uphill battle, especially if you have kids around. Once you have it nicely cleaned and vacuumed, you’re bound to spill a drop of pasta sauce on it by mistake. But not to worry – modern carpeting is manufactured to put up with the perils of everyday life. However, you may be surprised to find out that you could be cleaning your carpet the wrong way.

Today we’ll look at a few common carpet cleaning mistakes that people make that could end up doing more harm than good.

The most common carpet cleaning mistake that people make is to not spring into action immediately after a mess has been made. It may seem easier to wait for the kids to go to bed before you clean up that juice stain, but the longer a spill sits in your carpet, the more the fibers absorb it and the harder it will be to remove.

In other cases, people will use the wrong type of cleaner to remove carpet stains. Some “multipurpose” household cleaners are very harsh and could damage or even bleach the fibers in your carpet. Before you spray half a bottle of cleaner on that pesky stain, make sure to read the label. It’s best to keep a dedicated carpet cleaner on hand that’s designed to remove stains without damaging the carpet.

Deodorizing powders can be great cleaning tools, but remember: that powder is only as good as your vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum isn’t up to the task, or if you use deodorizing powder too frequently, you may end up with residual powder left in your carpet. This isn’t good for you to breathe in, or for your carpet to marinate in for long periods of time.

Lots of people also forego professional cleaning, and instead stick to spot cleaning and vacuuming. If you want your carpet to last a long time, it should be professionally cleaned and treated occasionally as well.

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